Cheapest post/courier for textbook?

    selling a couple of my old uni textbooks, weigh in at 2,125grams pretty heavy and a steep postage price from royal mail at £7.95, anyone have any courier or other postal recommendations?
    would be greatly appreciated!

    i have looked at who offer a good price but iv never heard of them..are they legit/good? thanks to anyone who can help!



    Delivered thru DHL courier for £5

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    i did consider them but heard some horror stories, any other recommendations or any good reviews on payperdrop?


    i just used them to deliver 3 big parcels ... 2 arrived last week and one is in the warehouse as they had trouble finding the address as it is remote ... but they have taken a phonenumber to call so who im sending it to can give directions to them ... customer services was good was good too

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    thanks wifey, anyone have any other recommendations?


    thanks wifey, anyone have any other recommendations?

    I'd vouch for them too.. used only once and they're excellent. BTW, payperdrop only takes orders and the courier is DHL.:)

    theres they are pretty good as well they provide msn contact aswell

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    so has no one heard of/used as they seem cheapest..
    thanks for the replies so far guys!

    I've used PPD many times, all they are is a re-seller for DHL. DHL are very good in my opinion.
    I've also used P4D over 100 times since they started, they are a re-seller for many Carriers such as DHL, ANC and PF. There is a 5% discount voucher for them in the Vouchers section.
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