Cheapest price available for: Wii The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle

    We have decided to buy this for my dad for xmas between me my hubby my brother and his wife, but we need a really good price as my hubby was made redundant a month ago and my brother and his wife have just had a baby, so none of us have a huge amount of spare cash but we are hoping to find it reasonable between us, I have seen the value edition on play for about £110 would love to get this for around the same price but it is about £160 on play at the moment, anyone know of anywhere cheaper?


    Unsure if this is the one you are after?…b81

    Value edition, tesco recently had this at £69 but currenyly sold out…mr0
    Also available for same price @ hmv

    £120 is the cheapest you'll find either at Amazon or HMV as above, If you use Quidco go with hmv for 3% cashback.

    amazon premium bundle £119.96
    value bundle £79.97
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