Cheapest Price for Britney Spears Fantasy Solid Perfume?

    I want to get the above for a work mate as a little Christmas gift. However, it has been discontinued and is proving difficult to find.

    Anyone know of a place I can get this, cheap as possible please!



    Have u looked on ebay?

    you'll get it at for £14.93

    hope this helps

    TJ Hughes has loads yesterday...can't remember how much tho

    I'm sure they were selling this at Savers. Not sure of the price though.

    Original Poster

    I had a look in Savers today and they didnt have any. Also I dont have a T J Hughes near me.

    30 ml bottle was selling for £ 9.99 in our local Semi Chem or you could get a gift set including 100 ml bottle plus a couple of other things for £ 19.99.

    Sorry that is obviously for liquid perfume not solid - didn't read properly
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