Cheapest price for COD 5????

    alrite folks, looking to see if there are any cheap deals goin for COD 5 for PS3, I've already had a look in game and they are selling it for £45, has anoyone seen it cheaper??

    thanks for help


    i think theres a 25 quid one lurking around that i saw the other day..i will search now

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    cool, cheers lee

    hmmm i cant seem to find it anymore but i would try Zavvi with their 20% off or at The Hut where its 33 quid with the discount code floating around

    Any deals on Xbox 360 also appreciated.

    Hi mate just had a look now on a compare site ([url][/url])
    Here is the link…tml
    Cheapest price they've found is £37.18 (free delivery)
    Just click on the image for each website to go straight to it

    If your not too fussy then theres one on for £24.99 (free delivery) but without the manual. Great price if your not bothered about the manual. Heres the link:…b=2

    Its being sold by a playtrade seller called 'hollinhill' Its at the top of the list you cant miss it
    Hope this helps dude!

    yeah if u aint too fussy then maybe the one is good for you

    if not i found a site that does this at 32.45 brand new…980

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    cheers manchesterjim, much better than payin £45 any day!!

    no worries
    yeah i dont think ive ever used a game manual in my life. So paying £20 less without one is perfect!

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    plenty of choices now, cheers lee! £32.45 sounds a bit better with it being brand new, better trade in value at later date if I ever do it!!

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    I've already got the game for the xbox, but problem I'm having is most of mates play it on ps3, you think i'd get a good trade in value for same game, probably only get a tenner or something rubbish like that

    personally, i would grab the 24 quid deal because a manual pfft lol..its nothing issit when you can look it up online

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    aye true enough, not much to learn about game either, have you bought from play and trade on play before?? probably a silly question, but is it safe?

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    just bought the play for £25, cheers guys

    I use playtrade all the time. Its just like ebay or anything else. Just look at the sellers feedback and read the comments people have given. If your happy with it then go for it. You can contact the seller before you buy, just to make sure everything is ok. I've had the odd seller who hasnt posted an item etc but all it takes is an email to check what is going on or if not then phone call to (very helpful call staff) and i was refunded within a few days. Its no more dangerous than using ebay.
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