Cheapest price for HTC Hero

Have been asked to find the cheapest price for the HTC Hero phone because they are buying it as a christmas present.

At the moment they want it PAYG but if there was a good deal on a contract then would consider that (the person who will be getting the phone hardly uses minutes or texts so contract would probably be a waste of time)

Would appreciate ideas on which stores (preferably online) to try, any deals people have seen or vouchers that can be applied etc. Rep to all who help


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Ok, contracts are definitely out, too much considering how much he uses his phone

I know you can get the HTC Hero from play.com and amazon, anywhere else without contract?

I posted in the other thread but the cheapest deal when all things considered for me (use is low mins, low text & high web) was this deal mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/Bra…spx

Change to T-Mobile, 12 Months, All deals. Combi 25 Web n Walk at £29.36pcmplus £91.99
Comes to £444 for 12 months with 150mins, 150txt & unlimited web. + £5 delivery.

The cheapest PAYG I've seen was pixmania but they have a poor rep £344 using a voucher. Other cheapest was insight at £355 delivered.

Oh that contact deal has a free car kit worth £39.99 apparently, nothing amazing but something so that won for me over all. Oh, and I think that because I went through Hero link rather than G2 (the T-Mobile branded Hero) I should be getting the white hero on a t-mobile contact which is also pretty sweet :-)

Anyway, hope any of that helps.

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Thanks for that, really has helped

How do you get the free car kit? Cant see it mentioned

Also, dont really understand the part about going through hero link rather than G2?

Should get £30 cashback if I took that offer up too
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