Cheapest Price for Jack Daniels...

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Found 29th Apr 2009
I have 3 x 1 Litre Bottles of Jack Daniels that I brought from Florida last time I went, but have since had more brought for me, so im looking to sell 2 of these bottles, to someone my dad knows.

Now im asking how much do you think a 1 Litre bottle should go for/can you find online for me?




i'd say around £22 - £23 a bottle so sell them for £20 a bottle bud

yea, but might wana put it down a tad seeing as its your dads mate

as they are duty free and that be obvious on bottle perhaps you wanna think of £35 for the pair as i bet whoever bought paid no more than £12 a botte

You can buy the litre bottles in asda for £25.98

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I was thinking £20-£25 a bottle before this, so thats pretty much confirmed it
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