cheapest price for windows xp.

    really don't like vista and wanting to downgrade to windows xp. were is the cheapest place to buy a full version xp pro/home. Is there anywhere that offers students discount?



    What is it you don't like about Vista as i was thinking of getting a desk top with vista

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    it just seems very slow when using it on my laptop. i do like vista though and have used it several times on a desktop and never had any problems. my laptop is an up to date spec (c2d 2.0, 2gb ram, 120gb hd) but it just doesn't seem to have that quickness to it which xp does.

    1st check the ms website they are offering free conditional downgrades for backwards compaibility issues
    if no luck and you can get your coa off, i would consider doing a swap for an xp home license as long as its premium and it will install on my htpc

    goto [url][/url] and see if there still doing oem versions of xp if not look around for oem versions the retail versions of any oporating system are usually damn expencive.
    maybe your best bet might be cex as they get loads of stuff for pcs/laptops.
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