Samsung release the NC10 Netbook around the 1st of November

    The cheapest I can get it down to including v.a.t and delivery is £296.50…2UK

    Anybody able to find it cheaper with quidco/cashback/vouchers etc?


    £284.99 at with 5% off if you are an RAC member and Quidco at 0.5%, but not sure what that would bring it down too.

    unless it's changed, play is showing at 299.99 for all colours?

    £299 but like I say £284.99 if you are an RAC member and can get discount.

    ahhh ofcourse, for a moment i thought you meant £184.99 with an extra 5% off!

    Ha oh well, price seems fairly reasonable. Even the ASUS 901 are more hard to find cheaper than this price!

    I still find it weird how these are getting larger, with ever increasing screens, storage space and processor speeds! and the major thing ever increasing... the price tag. I'll probably hold out for the 901a thats super cheap at only £175.... thats when they are finally released that is

    I just put a preorder in on this (going through quidco, no RAC discount) and it tracked at £12. So £287.99 when going through play?

    the cheapest i could see it was dabs at £298 delivered plus 3% quidco which works out at £289.06
    havent seen any cheaper... im seriously considering getting this as well
    or the aspire one xp 1GB RAM for £269 on tesco direct.. cant make my mind up!

    ...OK, about to order. Any advance on the play/quidco price of £288?

    Andrew, what's your est. delivery date?

    my order has tracked on quidco at £12 so that makes it 4%.
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