Cheapest price please on a hotel

    I know where and when I want to stay, but can anyone beat my best price so far?

    Place: Jury's Inn, Birmingham, UK
    When: 29th April 2006
    How long: 1 night
    Rooms: 2
    People: 2 (1 per room)

    My cheapest price so far is £99.86 for both rooms. Anyone find a better deal?


    From a quick whip round of all the sites I know, I don't think you'll find a better price. Birmingham Hotels state £98.00 all taxes included for 2 rooms. Don't think you get breakfast though! You're saving pennies though, not pounds unfortunately.


    sorry mate best i can find including full breakfast £124 inc all taxes and charges etc

    oooh but i found £42 per room per night which by two comes to £84

    thats bout a saving of £15

    do a search on [url][/url] and thats the rate youll get

    not sure if this link works:…=20

    Ah but unfortunately the inclusion of taxes (which incidently are £15.86) brings the price to the one which moosey originally posted. So mine's still the cheapest

    Oh and the link works, but you can shorten it by typing [url=the web address] then a title and then a closing tag [/url]

    If you have a quidco account try Laterooms,

    They have this hotel at £49.00 for a double room (double bed) or £49.00 for two double beds (family room) if you think you may want additional room (sleep walk to the other bed).

    Both are en-suite, but are room only.

    As quidco states they have 5% cash back, it works out slightly cheaper than the £98.00

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that Ekktok, I wil try LateRooms.

    Olivia, I thought I had found £42 as well at Expedia, only to find the taxes added on. D'oh! Thanks anyway for trying.

    Jury's dont tend to do discounting of rooms so id accept the price you found before it ends up getting booked up after all i dont think you can expect to get much better than you have already found!
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