Posted 29 November 2022

Cheapest price to get Microsoft 365 family?

The title says it all really. I'm looking for the best place to get access to Microsoft office
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  1. jameshothothot's avatar
    not sure. but i get a lot of stuff via this price comparison place allkeyshop…es/

    got office 2019 for a few quid via that but appreciate you want 365

    i'm sure people will tell you to use edge daily and get some free msft points and use them too!
    vassy4u's avatar
    Thank you so much. bought office 2019
  2. bozo007's avatar
    It is a discount on the full price of £80, so useless. Deals routintely pop up here under £50 - the last one was just a few days ago for £46 for 15 months on Amazon.
  3. ZeroCool360's avatar
    Keep an eye on Amazon. They tend to sell 15 months O365 Family + Norton/McAfee for £45. They have 12 months without Norton/McAfee just now for £46 - (edited)
  4. aLV426's avatar
    A similar request was posted on here in the last month - I suggested signing up to Microsoft rewards and using the points to buy the subscription - that's the cheapest way! Also Microsoft have released the web version for free!…web
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