Cheapest printable dual layer dvd+r please?

Found 18th Nov 2006
Cheapest printable dual layer dvd+r please?
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I have been using DL DVDs to burn my wedding video. You have to be careful as they are more "sensitive" than SL DVDs.

A very reasonable shop is SVP communications. I actually got a sample pack of DL printables from them for 7.99p for 5. My view from that was that the Verabatims are the best (also most expensive) but the Ricohs seemed ok. My experience with the others mirrored the reviews on the SVP site.

You could also try e-bay. I got some Ricoh DLs for a reasonable price recently.
Hi and welcome to HUKD lordsambuca.:)Thanks for your comments.
I normally use svp and have only tried the printable datawrite which have been ok,but just wanted to know if there where any cheaper ones out there which performed ok.:)

In that case I would recommend the Ricohs. I would steer clear of Bulkpaq and also those Mirror face ones. It does depend on your drive to a degree - though you are probably aware of this - I have NEC drives. Also helps to be using latest firmware especially with DLs.

Apols if I am teaching you to suck eggs... :geek:
No,you're not,i'm only a novice egg sucker.:)
Might give the ricohs a try.Thanks again.:thumbsup:
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