Cheapest PS3 Console around?

Found 12th Jan 2010
My son's PS3 console has stopped working. I have searched for a new console and the cheapest I could find was £229.99 at Gameplay.co.uk That is a 120GB Slim Console.
If you know where to get a new console cheaper than this please help me out !
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I don't think you will find it much cheaper than that... Cheapest was just before Xmas when Sainsburys were selling for £199.99 (20% off).
Can you not get the old one fixed?
There are some great deals around at present. (amazon, HMV, Game etc)
£250 or thereabouts should get you a 250gb slimline console, add on £30 and you should be able to get a few recent games aswell. I will post links for you.

Befor you do this check the age of the current console, Sony might repair or replace it if its under warrenty, if its not it might be a good idea to ring them up anyway as two of my mates had consoles which broke down out of warrenty and sony stepped in and repaired one (for £38) and replaced the other one for free.
It's the cheapest :

Go here and scroll down the page : :thumbsup:


The above is £290 from HMV, 250gb console, 2x very recent games. (which could easily be sold on for £50-£60 if unwanted.)


250gb console, cable, and 1xgame for £270 delivered from Amazon.


250gb console, cable, and 2 recent games for £285 delivered from Amazon.
are you going to sell the faulty ps3?

are you going to sell the faulty ps3?

Actually I just saw a faulty PS3 console sell on ebay for £70 + £14 p&p. Could hardly believe anyone would pay that for a used console which doesn't work. So yes I probably will sell it to cut my outgoings on the new one.
what is the actual fault?

what is the actual fault?

It will not play games or any discs.

It will not play games or any discs.

If you do make a thread for selling it give me a pm I might be interested to ''bid'' on it!
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