cheapest Ps3 controllers ?

    Anyone know where the best place to get cheap PS3 (official) wireless controllers is ?



    Cheapest i've found is from [url][/url] which is £21.98 (£17.99 + £3.99 delivery)

    I don't know what price u've found it at but it's available for £17.99 from Link s below...…Y=8

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    Hummm, I ordered with them but now it's out of stock and they have no idea when it might arrive

    the cheapest ps3 controller would be to buy a wireless ps2 controller (i had a few knocking around) and then add a ps2controller to usb adapter which only costs a few pounds. This doesnt have sixaxis, but it does have rumble support which will come out soon for the ps3. If you want a ps3 controller with rumble, eiither do this, or wait for the official dual shock 3 controllers to come out which will have rumble. :thumbsup:

    Anything cheaper?
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