Cheapest PS4 controller

    Some relatives of mine are getting a PS4 for their kids for Christmas, it comes bundled with a controller but they need a 2nd one.
    I'm having trouble finding anything. They're only young so it's completely fine for the controller to be 3rd party instead of official.
    Can anybody help me out?


    Personally i'd try to find an original dualshock controller refurbished. But this isnt a huge saving on new price.
    Thats £38 from argos
    Brand new from amazon £42
    3rd party something like this for £24 but very mixed reviews
    Another one £30 from argos ebay…536

    V Better deal below

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    Brand new Sainsburys £38
    There might be one of those deals to buy shopping online and get discount on your first order.
    Spend £60. £18 discount. So £38 controller plus £22 food shopping equals £42.…ode
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    If it's a Christmas present, I would hold off until the Black Friday sales because there might be a deal on for the Playstation 4 controllers.

    If you're interested i am selling two different kinds, i havnt had time to make a listing for either though/

    08sam1 please remember that private items can only be sold through our For Sale section.
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