Cheapest punchbag deals around

    I am interested in getting a punchbag to help boost my fitness (ate too many mince pies),

    First of all i havent a clue on what to get? what is the cheapest around etc etc

    If people could advise first on what sort of basic set i should get, and also if anyone know's of any deals around

    Thanks in advance



    Yeah - this was my post a while back - still seems the best price though! Good luck. All this said, it depends really..... I no lkonger have the motivation to exercise on my own but have joined a taekwondo class and ahve found that I have lost a few punds and improved my fittness.. I started to go with a friend - so i couldnt miss it and let him down..... worked for me?

    Yeh thats a better way. I started jogging and was hoping to do a half marathon in march but i have got no motivation with this weather and the cold. Bit depressing really, better if you have someone who can push you

    You can have my hubby for FREE , lol.xxxxx

    Just make sure you get training gloves not hthe big boxing gloves and if your going to keep it your garage get a PVC one as the canvas ones suffer from mildew pretty badly

    Best ones are leather but these will cost you big time. :thumbsup:


    You can have my hubby for FREE , lol.xxxxx

    dusts off the man size black bag ;-:whistling:
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