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I'm quite happy registering all my top-tier domains with GoDaddy and UK ones with 123-reg, never had any problems and recommend them to others. But one of my clients wants several UK domains with private registration so I was just wondering if anyone else had looked for the cheapest option before I go and have a good search.

From what I can see looks like 1&1 might be cheapest but surely their £1.99 domain price is only available with one of their hosting packages? Any ideas? :?


Avoid 1&1 like the plague!

I've had several people move to my hosting from them after their latest 'outage'

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:giggle: Yeah wouldn't touch any of their other services with a bargepole but for £3.98 for 2 years on a .co.uk with private registration (if that is the right price) might be worth a risk. I have my own VPS with a2b2 and a regular reseller account with UKHost4u so it's just domain registration I'm looking at. From what I can make out the negative points are terrible customer service, technical support and not very advanced DNS control.

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Well ordered one, total cost £4.68 including VAT with free private registration. Initial impressions are that they need to work on there checkout system. It's not that bad but there's no excuse for a domain registrar/hosting company to get it wrong in this area. Just have to see how it goes.

shulda got quidco on top, makes it a steal for domains

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DOH! Forgot to look in quidco. It's normally me saying "Did you check quidco?" to others!

I've just posted a deal that I've found with Heart Internet for free hosting when you transfer in a .uk domain name:

I also found that Nameroute (nameroute.co.uk) do a deal for .co.uk domain name registration with 10MB web space and 1GB per month data transfer for £14 for 2 years (including VAT and domain name registration). I've got one website with them and have had no problems.

This includes:
10MB web space.
POP3 and web based email account.
Email forwarding and web forwarding.
Anti spam filtering.
Control Panel with useful tools.
Transfer in your .uk domains for FREE

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the pointers DuchessT. My first ever domain name was purchased via Nameroute and it was a great, cheap way to get started with web design because all you need is a little space to put up some html and a mailbox or 2. Now I have a VPS so my needs have increased a little

Although getting hosting and domain registration bundled together looks tempting, I would generally recommend using different companies so as not to put all your eggs in one basket. The exception to this in my experience is Nameroute who were fantastic to deal with and never had any problems. Uptime was 2nd to none because you can't run anything on their servers which could break it. Then when I need to migrate it went problem free and very quickly. Can't say fairer than that.
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