Cheapest replacement for a Nexus 4 mobile phone.

Found 14th Dec 2017
My youngest inherited my old Nexus 4 last year, but now the digitiser is failing. So I'm toying with the idea of buying him a replacement as a Christmas present. We've bought him other stuff though so I wouldn't want to spend a huge amount, but of course I would want something that would give him similar or better performance. Any suggestions?
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Nokia 8
fileexit10 m ago

Nokia 8

Bit too expensive, and seems rather more powerful than a Nexus 4.
BadMF6 m ago the LCD/Digitiser, £26.49

It's certainly an option, but I'm a bit loath to spend any cash on a five year old phone. That said with a custom rom on it, can't remember which I used now, it is still a very functional smartphone. One of my best value ever tech buys I reckon.
Exactly the same situation earlier in the year with my eldest. She broke the N4, and I replaced it with a very well priced Moto G5. Was £122 (direct) at the time which for the phone, I thought was very well priced. I've seen it a lot cheaper a few times since.
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