cheapest rockband instrument pack in store?

    Its my birthdya tomorrow and my wife was plannign on getting me the rockband instrument pack from zavvi, seeing as on the webstie its 99 quid, and paying with a virgin card it would be 10 percent off.

    However we have been today and the bloody store charge £130 and claimed that the website is a different company so they cannot do it for that price. Absolutly gutted now, as i was really looking forward to it. Anyone got any ideas of any instrre places i could get it at tomorrow, as at the moment its either pay the extra 38 quid at zavvi, or wait a bloody week or so (however long they take) for delivery.


    wait a week its not that long a wait, unless your a kid;-)

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    Very helpfull, thanks.

    I might post after every request that people should just wait.

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    argos dont have it instore

    Not sure on their own but the instruments & game package is £150 at HMV (Birmingham City Centre) that I have seen.


    £99.99 for the instruments and £39.71 for the game
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