Cheapest route to get into the city from Barcelona Girona Airport (Flying RyanAir)?

Found 10th Nov 2008
As the title states, 11 of my mates and I are headed over to Barcelona on the 13th of December, and staying for a couple of nights.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on the cheapest way for us to get into Barcelona City, itself, which is where our hotel is.

Thanks alot people!
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go on the train.
It's in
inexpensive and forigner friendly

go on the train. It's ininexpensive and forigner friendly

oh yeah?
cheers for that; I was only considering the bus, up till now.
speak a little Catalan Spanish and people will fall over themselves to help you. Just ry and try and try
The train was fantastic, so easy and doesn't take too long to get into Barcelona centre. Not that expensive either.
The people in spain speak about 20 differebt languages but the universal lingo is Catalan, as spoken in Madrid
Also go to Siches. just outside Barcelona. It's where Salvador Dali lived. What a trip if you know what i mean
James i would go on the bus. It's a lot easier than going on the train & leaves directly from the airport where as you would have to take the local bus into Girona city & then the train into Barcelona. I can only castortroy is answering as though you are flying into Barcelona airport (BCN) .
i used the bus

we stayed just off las ramblas and walked there from bus station with our cases, took about 25mins, worth it to get our bearings and to have a look around.

took a cab to go back to bus station, cost about €5

bus was cheap and easy - about an hours journey
As previous posts suggest, get the train. It's quick, cheap, clean and they run till 2am!!

Would be a good idea to get our British Rail out there for their Christmas party to see how things should be done!

ps. otherwise, log onto the Easyjet link below and it's a buses/coaches … ps. otherwise, log onto the Easyjet link below and it's a buses/coaches option to get you to your destination for a reasonable price x]http://http://easyjet.holidaytaxis.com/resorts/1/32/barcelona.htmlor RyanAir link ]http://http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/inpage.php?partner=APTRANSFER&loc=aptransfer&pos=NAVTAB&culture=GBBarcelona Holiday TaxisWhether travelling alone or as part of a group, going skiing or a city break, book your door-to-door transfers in advance with HolidayTaxis. Both shared shuttle and private transfers are available to an extensive range of destinations.

You are answering for the wrong airport
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