Cheapest route to Paris from London

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I'm looking to visit Paris for one day return, what would be the cheapest route to go there and back on the same day?

This is for three people and either next month or so.

Many thanks,
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What time of year, where can you travel to/from. How many adults/children.
if you are talking same day return, it has to be from London to Paris and it has to be eurostar. Any other will take too long for a day trip. Even eurostar is a bit rushed.
Limited due to one day. If it was more than one megabus is a cheap option

Edit megabus doesn't offer a service to Paris anymore
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If you're near Heathrow then the first flight out of the morning and the last back would give you a decentish day in Paris. It'd be a very long day though
Really depends where your starting point is as the cost of traveling to an airport/ St Panceras would have to be added .
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