Cheapest running costs Wireless printer

    Hi i need to replace our printer as the cartridges are soo expensive £20.00 to £27.00 each.
    I am looking for a wireless printer that has cheap cartridges as the kids just print off all the time.
    Please help me as i just dont know where to start.


    What make printer is it?

    Where do you get your cartridges from?

    Can you not re-fill the inks with the kits available, or try the cheaper makes?

    Look at for a place to get cheap cartridges or someone may suggest even cheaper places!

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    lexmark takes 17 and 27 Nightmare
    ideally need a new printer as its not wireless

    We've been very happy with an Epson we've had for over 5 years, although I can't find a current good deal, they are posted regularly, just check the availability of cheap cartridges before commiting to something.

    I've got 3 kids that are constantly printing stuff out for school / stuff to colour in etc., and have never had any problems with non-OEM cartridges, however some people do. Just stick clear of Lexmark, there cartridges seem to cost more than the printers.
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