Cheapest Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Posted 26th Dec 2019
I was hoping to get some Samsung earbuds for Christmas but Santa obviously didn't get the memo I have been browsing the internet today hoping to get some in the sales and have discovered that I missed out on the Samsung cashback offer that ended yesterday
Does anyone know the cheapest way to buy a new pair? My son gets student discount and my husband works for the NHS so we can hopefully use these perks to bring the price lower
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i would keep an eye out on the deals section as there are deals for these buds coming all the time so you won't have to wait for long. the galaxy buds 2 are supposed to be coming out towards the end of February next year so the galaxy buds price will be going downhill from now to then.

you will therefore be seeing bargain prices soon on the galaxy buds.
I bought these for £25 when they first came out lol. Someone advertised them on eBay as 'AKG Buds' at that price. Took it instantly.
Be careful buying on eBay as these buds are expensive so there are plenty of fakes out there.
These were 57 from o2 with student discount and cashback a few days ago. That's when I got them
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