Cheapest Samsung type c cable?

Posted 21st Dec 2019
Hi, anyone know where I can find a cheap C type cable, rather get an official samsung one and only need the cable not a plug. Have searched this morning but struggling to find anything outside of ebay and amazon and dont think I trust buying from there.
Not normally too bothered about brands 3rd party cables are normally crap and I've never had an issue with samsung cables, mines only broke because I snagged it quite heavily.
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I personally would recommend against official cables as their quality in most cases are worse, and we have had a lot of Samsung devices and the cables always break after time. Constantly have better results with 3rd Party cables, never bought from eBay before, only amazon and only from Anker most of the time. Here’s one I found, I’ve actually bought a few of these and still going strong: Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB 3.0 cable (3ft/0.9m), High Durability, for USB Type-C Devices, for Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, MacBook, Sony XZ, LG, V20, G5, G6, HTC 10, Xiaomi 5 & More…YM5
Anker get my vote. We have a selection at home and only had one issue with one of them. Contacted Anker and they sent a replacement out that day. Their service is second to none.…536 try this one, using my self them, had no problems with nokia 8
I bought a pack of 3 from Amazon 0.5m 1m and 2m all work spot on think I paid £6 and fast charge works great. I wouldnt worry about none offical
I got this 3 pack for the car and travel plug, @ £3.99. They are now £4.99, But very weel made.
Some say a bit to stiff.
I have a Nokia 8.1 and fast charge works fine…c=1
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Folk on here rate Anker braided. I use Brexlink braided. Very much on a par with Anker.
Another vote for Anker or Amazon Basics cables. At least you know they aren’t cheap fakes
If you contact samsung you can order a new one
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