Cheapest SIM Card and cheapest mobile broadband?


I have been out of the UK for a quite a long time, and will be back in London in 2 weeks time, and I will stay in Lonfdon say every other week until end of may.
I will need a PAYG sim card, and i am searching for the cheapest one.I already have a phone, but don't mind a really cheap one ;-)
Can anyone tell me where to buy say £5 PAYG sim card, and which has the cheapest call fee? If calls to landline (or mobiles) in France is low, that's a plus!

I will also need some PAYG mobile broadband, say . I have a GB per month. I have a unlocked modem, but would prefer buying a new one. Is still the cheapest option?

As I have an Adnroid Phone (Samsung Galaxy S / I9000), I can use it as a modem for my computer, but is it OK/legal in the UK? If yes, what is the best PAYGoption with 500MB or 1GB data use per month?


P.S. : I don't want to set up a direct debit, so top-up via internet or in-store.


If you search on ebay, for just 7.99 you ll get a 3GB valid for 90 days from day of activation. you ve got 3 months maximum to use it or you can use it all in one go. I just ordered one for my soon to be delivered galaxy tab, I think thats the best you can get for now on pay as you go.. if you dont mind changing the sim to a new one after you ve exhausted that one....

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That's terrific!
I knew I could rely on HUKD to find the best option!
I will also need to buy a PAYG sim card for my phone. What's the cheapest one with a few data usage (just to check my emails) ?

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I will go for Giffgaff with its free internet until feb 2011.
Just £5 a month!

Thanks everyone!
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