Posted 22nd Dec 2022
hey im flying to Portugal but they charge 2quid a day to use my data. is there a sim can pick up now from the corner shop and top up which is a better option. thank you
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    Thank you. Can I pick either of these 2 from a corner shop or is it online order only?
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    How long are you going for and how much data do you need?

    I personally use the special travel SIMs (also available as an eSIM) from Orange - but lots of others tend to pick up a UK SIM from Smarty or LycaMobile too.
    2 weeks.
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    Did you found its answer?
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    I did a Lebara sim for a month in October to use in Cyprus. Just beware though that although it's a 15GB sim, I think that the roaming has a limit of 10GB, so you may want to check the terms of the roaming data for the sim deal.
    Will do cheers
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    Standard Three PAYG SIM + 30day bundle with your choice of data upto 12GB monthly roaming limit.

    Total £9.20 for SIM+16GB bundle (max 12GB EU roaming) shifted directly by Amazon:…14/
    or buy SIM from corner shop at around £1, then add topup value, then convert the topup to the bundle of your choice.

    If you think you will need more than 12GB, buy multiple SIM+12GB bundles, & activate (all) SIM(s) in UK prior to travel.

    May be a faff & not a great saving compared to total circa £30 to use your existing (but unstated) roaming data allowance limit in EU.
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    I used Simtex bought a e-sim that lasted 10 days when I was last in America, worked brilliantly, will be doing that again!

    P.s, not sure what’s happened with the url (edited)
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    I tried Lebara in Portugal and 5G works good , but could not use the data in a Portbale Mifi ( Huawei 4G AND the ZTE MU5001 5G Voda deal on here) . Lebara didnt know how to resolve this, but suspect they disable its use in a router !

    Regarding eSIMs, I am still on the fence whether to replace my handset with a eSIm capable one OR buy that Physical "" in a dual sim handset and be done with. ( costs £30 plus tax, whic is offputting)
    Did you set the correct Lebara APN rather than the Vodafone one that it will automatically apply?

    Lebara don’t ban SIM cards from any devices.
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