Cheapest sim only contracts?

Hi guys, can someone please give me some information with links to the cheapest sim only contracts available at the moment. I'm looking for a sim with a few minutes and a few texts, minutes are more important to me than texts but im not really looking for more than 150 of each. Less would be great.

Obviously with minutes and texts so low I'm looking for something really cheap.

Help me please!



vodafone have just got a deal on 75 mins n 500 texts £10 a month sim deal, 30 day contract

90 quid from quidco for vodafone sim only deals as well....

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thanks guys, have some rep, n1ttygr1tty, i was actually looking for less texts than that, but the minutes sound about right, does anyone know of any cheaper than £10 with less than 500 texts?

think thats about the best deal for a sim only deal, they norm £15 a month

Dont know if this helps but here are a few Tmobile deals: t-mobile.co.uk/sho…olo

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thanks, p.s what does 30 day contact mean? and has anyone got experience of getting the 90quid from quidco or is it a myth?

don't think it's a myth but you do need to keep the contract for 4 months i think....the 30 day contract means you have to give 30 days notice to cancel....

Not with Tmobile.

tmobile sim only deal is the same - 30 days notice. The 4 month thing is just to get the 90 quid from quidco....


r u with virgin media?

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r u with virgin media?

yes i am. why?

Also, just to let you know guys, quidco says vodafone aren't paying out on the £10 a month sim, which happens to be the one I was going to go for! I think they are paying out on the £15 a month sims so they are probably a better bet now.

Vodafone recently were doing a deal. If you bought through quidco you got £95 for taking out a £15 sim per month. Tie in was only 4 months (but you really should wait till quidco paid out before you cancelled)
I took up the offer but they cocked upon the telephone no. you could keep your own number but they ended up sending a different no. - i've stuck with it as i don't want to lose the quidco. As soon as it comes through, i'll change bakc:thumbsup:
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