Cheapest SIM only for my phone on iD Mobile

Posted 10th Jun
Hi, I'd like to set up a second mobile phone as spare/emergency use only.

I have a spare phone already (prev used with iD Mobile SIM, but I cancelled the contract a few months back) so its just been sitting in a drawer.

Originally bought the phone from Carphone Warehouse in person, not sure if it will be locked to iD Mobile.. which means I'm stuck with whatever SIM Cards iD Mobile offer.

Can anyone suggest a SIM card in these circs.? Cheap as will rarely be used, I'm thinking for when online sites insist on me providing a mob no.

Thank you
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Could try a three sim in it as that is same network
I second that, A three 321 sim with £10 credit is £4.99 on eBay 224037872929
Three binned its handset 321 PAYG tariff March 2020, but the tarfiff is still applicable to its freebie Data Reward SIM that also offers onging freebie 200MB per month, and allegedly the Data Reward SIM remains live without requirement to make one chargeable event every 6 months (or similar as enforced by most other networks).…der
Thanks for replies everyone! This may be me being overly worried here but is there a chance a dodgy ebay seller could somehow know 'whatever it is that allows them to SIM-Jack the SIM'??
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