Cheapest Sky HD offer?

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Found 6th Aug 2007

I am just wondering what the cheapest deal anyone has got on sky HD? I've been searching around but can't find anything much less than the £300 sky offer. I tried searching for previous posts but apparently "Sky" is too short a word or too common to be searched!!

Would it be cheaper to buy the box of Ebay and then phone sky up to get a subscription? I have seen HD boxes on Ebay with up to 1TB harddrives in them, do you think sky would be ok if i bought one and then subscribed?

Also does anyone know if it possible to just take out a basic 2 channel mix deal and the HD content and still get sky sports in HD? or would i have to pay for the whole sports package first?

any help would be greatly appreciated!


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my understanding of it is the additional 10 pound a month covers the HD channels which would include skysports HD. I was looking into this and there are no offers around at the mo but there is £85 cashback from quidco for new customers so I used that along with the 5 quid credit for joining online to get a sky + box for a tenner - so u could use the same to get it for 200. Sky are fine with you getting you own equipment and then subscribing to HD - there's a lot of chat about this online - even showing you how to add the additional feed you need from your dish. I think I'm right in saying if you have Sky + installed you would then be able to just plug in HD but I'd check !?

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