Cheapest small pot of magnolia paint?

Found 7th Nov 2013
Have some marks on my walls. Don't want to redecorate. Colour match may not be perfect, but that's ok. Just need a cheap small pot of magnolia paint. Tester won't do though, way to small.
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sometimes poundland or 99pstores stock small pots of paint,

also B&Q give away damaged pots that need disposal

but how will you match up the shades?
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not looked in fast few days but there is a 3 tester pots for a quid deal on atm from dulux i think
so if one wont do...will 3?!
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Before painting the marks, how about using magic erasers by doktor power or jml. Around £5 for a large box of 6. Sometimes aldi do their own brand. They take most marks of walls, radiators, paintwork etc. then you haven't got to worry about the paint colour matching.
3 pots delivered for £1 is available from dulux website. There are 30mls in each pot
I also got 5litres from b&m for 4.99 recently as my wall got covered in hummus. Make sure you know whether you want matt or silk emulsion
the 3 tester pot deal is good but excluded white and magnolia unfortunately.

good idea about the magic erasers. I have one in the garage i think, but in this case I'm not so sure it will work...but I will give it a try just in case!

I dont know for sure if it is matt or silk, but i guessed matt and bought the cheapest one in B&Q which was 8.99 or something. That's cheaper than Wikes, Homebase and Wilkinson's. Just hope it matches fairly closely.
btw, wanted to come back and let you know the answer.

B&Q do a cheap, good sized pot.
BUT I then found that ASDA do a pot for a fiver, same sort of size. I bought their garden fence paint earlier this year and it was excellent. I am going to take the pot back to B&Q and buy the pot from ASDA, along with a white pot (also a fiver) and that way I can mix to get a very close match on the paint colour on my walls.
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