Cheapest smartphone please!

To make long story short - my missus' MDA is now officially lost. And there is 13 months left on contract. So I need new SIM-free (or T-Mobile locked) MDA or SDA or similar.
The cheapest one I've found is i-mate SP3 for 100 quid.

Is there anything cheaper than that? (I guess not :().


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No answers - how surprising!

Mods, you can close this topic now. I did research myself.


No answers - how surprising!Mods, you can close this topic now. I did … No answers - how surprising!Mods, you can close this topic now. I did research myself.

Sorry Kommunist. As there are so many deal requests each day, I don't have time to reply to them all, so I only reply when I feel I have some valuable information to give, and I know nothing about this. Sorry you didn't get any responses.

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No problem, I am not trying to blame anyone
I know that in 95% of cases I can find the best deal myself after spending 1 hour or so. I just wanted to verify that the deal I've found - there were two of those actually, one from MobileFun (with cheap delivery, but I have no experience of them) and another one is from Expansys.
So I guess that SP3 value pack (including car charger, retractable USB cable and 128M MiniSD) for 114 quid delivered isn't that bad for SIM-free Windows smartphone.

Know nothing on the topic, sorry Kommunist

Sorry for the late response on this... my 2p's-worth is that a smartphone that price SIM-Free is going to be the best deal. There'a a lot of less powerful phones that price so I don't thing a smartphone can get any cheaper than that.

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Thanks anyway
BTW, it came down in price even more (not the bundle version apparently), so you can get this phone from Expansys for £103.94 delivered. Or for £102.95 from MobileFun.

Try this on eBay - £65 + P&P


*MOD EDIT - sorry no direct links to eBay sellers allowed on the forums.
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