Cheapest Suitcase no bigger than 55x40x20

    I am after 2 suitcases that will fit on my BMI baby flight so I can cram as much in when I go to Paris within the 10kg limit and size restrictions. Cheapest seen so far is this at £13.32. Anyone know of cheaper?…300


    its cheap but weighs 2.4k

    we bought holdalls with wheels...and easier to squash in overhead lockers..
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    ebay has loads, cheap

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    Do you have any particular recommendations of what would be suitable, and especially light. There are so many and I really want something that we can squish alot into....

    160548033711 looks v similar..i was shocked how much we got in them and how strong they are.

    ours are def frenzy ones..with a full length zip down the side for bits and bobs. I think we paid £14 from the clarks outlet shop in blackpool.
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    grandson took this but its nice even for a girl?
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