Cheapest supermarket price for Up Blu-Ray?

    GF's bday is this Friday and I want to get her Up on BR. Worried about it arriving on time if I get order over the net so Just wondering which of Sainburys/Tesco/ASDA or Morrisons will be cheapest in-store?


    I bought it today for £10 in Asda... I believe there is only a few pence difference in many of the stores so you won't really save much until the price drops.

    Tescos is £8 with another chart DVD or £13/£14 on it's own.
    I think it was £12.97 in sainsburys.

    £8.00 on blu ray ?


    £8.00 on blu ray ?wow

    Ok just misread, however OP fails to actually omit that it was Blu-ray, not everone thinks BR means it.:whistling:

    Original Poster

    I should have put BR in the title, but I think BR is pretty self explanatory ;-)
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