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Found 7th Oct 2008
I need a surveyor to tell me where the proper boundary line is in my rear garden, my neighbor has some of my land , i have amicably fought for 2 years with no avail and had to in the end take court action.

she doesn't live in the property so isn't bothered by the state of things she just doesn't want to negotiate or pay for anything, im not in dispute over who's boundary it is just its position and fact her land and tenants have damaged it in first instance. anyway...
been told by the judge that we must get a surveyor but the are sooo expensive , im currently living as a single parent on benefits and cannot afford the £400 fee it will cost, and cannot find one who charges less.

anybody recommend someone ? i have to go back to court end of month.
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i dont no but good look. some people are complete ******* i hope you get it sorted.
thanks... its making my life hell right now,as we have had no security for over 3 years, we have had lots of stuff stolen from our garden as the neighbor also has no end fencing which goes onto street. I am aware i can put a fence up but if i do this will make the landlord who owns the house next door do even less toward getting the issue resolved.

ho hum eh !:x
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