Cheapest Thermal Paste

    I need thermal paste today to fix something. Any ideas where they have some below £6.99


    Doubt you're going to find anywhere selling thermal paste on a bank holiday, if you actually need it today.

    Try Currys think its open Easter Monday.

    Pc world, but it wouldn't be cheap, best get off amazon as above

    Depends on what you need it for as some thermal paste is conductive and that can be very bad with certain electronics.

    Why do you want cheap crap paste, you get what you pay for guess you don't mind the thing over heating if you just look at the price.

    If its a cpu you want Arctic silver not some cheap rubbish akin to chewing gum

    How much difference will this make when compare to the standard one you get with a hyper 212x cooler?

    MX2 or MX4 are excellent and non conductive, arctic silver is also good but if you're clumsy like me the conductive nature can fry a motherboard

    Maplin are open but it's 7.99…8hq
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    EBay china.

    Does anyone know how long part used paste lasts? I built a pc about 6 years ago and am wondering if I need to buy a new tube of it when I build another computer.
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