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im looking to buy something that records tv onto a hard drive without needing to have the tv on, so something wit freeview built in, a bit like sky+ thing but with no subscription. i think theyre pvr's, or a dvd recorder with hdd will do. Whichever is the cheapest.

thank you:santa:


why don't you phone sky up and threaten to leave?
they're soo desperate to keep customers you might be able to blag yourself one =)
if you can't you could always try to get a discount on one....
or even a refurb sky+ box etc etc..

You can get a cheap PVR from Asda or Argos like this. I would however spend a bit more and get a Humax 9200. I bought one a few weeks ago and it's a fantastic machine that will be much more reliable than the cheaper PVR's.:thumbsup:

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thanx for the replies guys.

im actually no longer with sky, havent had it for about 5 years now, so cant really threaten to leave, but thanks

oh, the humax is at too high a price for me to buy, dont fancy paying that much really, spent too much on a tv for bedroom already and i hate spending money

you only live once- spend and enjoy !!

Ok, then it depends on what you want the machine to do. Do you want twin tuners for example so that you can record 2 channels at the same time or record one and watch another. If you get a basic single tuner machine you will be limited to what and when you can watch and record. The Humax for example can record 2 channels while you watch a previously recorded programme. You could also try the AV Forums you may get some good advice there.

You could do a lot worse than looking on the ]DigitalSpy forums.

You mentioned about buying a TV for the bedroom - is this pvr to go in the bedroom aswell? If so then you might want to consider the noise they make - some of these can sound like an aircraft taking off!

If not then you can always takes the plunge with a refurb Digifusion. They can be found very cheaply, but I'd recommend doing a bit of research first. We've had one for over a year with no major problems and only 2 bad recordings, and I know a lot of other people love theirs aswell, whereas other people have had a bad experience and hate them. They can be fiddled with to improve them, but unless you do, they are noisy so not recommended for the bedroom!

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thanks for the replies


you only live once- spend and enjoy !!

haha, i guess, gotta save for my dream car, i will not die until i get one, maybes id buy it and die straight after, now thatd b unfair

thanks for that getmore4less, that should do, nice and cheap

cheers kinetic, i checked that site but they seem to only talk about the expensive ones, i should be happy with a single tuner

cheers for the info mike, yeah unforntunatley its to go with my tv. my research into electronic goods take ages, i wanted my tv 12 months ago, started to look and i only bought it 3 months ago after waiting for the best for that price, not to mention my budget increased and so has the screen size and is now the biggest size tv in my home.
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