cheapest train tickets!!!

    Hi i have 5 tickets for the xfactor autitions in birmingham on the thursday the 2nd of june. I am wanting to travel by train but cant find any trains tickets under £100!!!! so was wondering if someone could help me.
    i am looking to travel from Newcastle central station to birmigham. I need to be at birmingham for 11:00 am and can leave anytime after 7:30 pm. thanks x


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    Might also help if you post a request on MSE's Motoring, Public Transport … Might also help if you post a request on MSE's Motoring, Public Transport & Cycling board as well as here.Good luck melissa!

    thanks iv just done that

    Try eastcoast trains , they are oftern cheaper

    It' fiddly but break journey down into segments and buy a pile of tickets for one trip. Son saved £53 on a day return to Sunderland from New St a few months ago doing this.

    There is a 9.30 am watershed after which fares get massively cheaper (off-peak) so roughly work out where your ideal train would be at that time and buy a ticket from the first station after 9.30 into Birmingham and a separate ticket from Newcastle to that point

    From memory my son's trip (although the reverse of yours - ish) was Birmingham to Sheffield, Sheffield to York and York to Newcastle ALL ON THE SAME TRAIN - just three separate tickets.Use the national rail website to find a good train time-wise and then click the "show calling points" option to see where it stops and potentially where you could purchase tickets from. It is all completely legal as long as you don't get off train BEFORE or AFTER the stop shown on your ticket.

    We tend to use Cross-country trains to purchase from - but as a family without a car - and hence relatively expert on public transport, we haven't yet found any one particular train operator selling tckets consistantly cheaper than anyone else!!

    Megabus coach the nite before £85 for five adults and then overnight in arc apartments Birmingham for £94 ?????

    might be cheaper option for the way down at least ???

    Be warned about the timing of these events. They don't always run to time. Also, if you are not in the queue early enough you may not even get in though they would probably offer tickets for the evening show but if you've a distance to travel, these may be no use to you. The auditions are good fun but be prepared.... you have been warned!
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