cheapest train travel london - newcastle required

    arranging a stag do for sept and need to know the cheapest train travel from london to newcastle

    staying for the weekend so any info on best places/clubs to visit or any good activites like go karting etc much apprecaited



    The best way is to order separate tickets for each leg of the journey. eg. One ticket from Virgin Trains for London - Manchester. And another from TransPennine for Manchester - Newcastle.
    The tickets will be for specific trains at specific trains only.
    It is more work because you have to organise the train times individually, making sure you'll arrive at one station and be in time to catch the connection train.

    If you just go onto any rail network site and order a ticket for London to Newcastle they will give you an equivalent of an Open Return ticket. Allowing you to take any route on the specific outbound date and any route on the return which can be up to one month from the departure date. They give you this ticket because the journey will require you to travel on multiple rail networks and their system isn't able to calculate a specific train and time (even if you specify when ordering).
    If you get a Saver Return you will still receive the Open Return type ticket. It will be cheaper than an Open Return but still more expensive than ordering tickets for each leg.

    I saved £15 travelling from Stoke to Newcastle this way. Should have been £49 (with rail card).

    Plenty of decent clubs and pubs in the Toon, how good they are depends on the days you are going. Some have really good deals on certain nights.

    Hope this helps a bit!

    Am i hearing right you live in london but you want to go for a night out up the toon:?

    If you go on a killer stag night, it is possible to get barred from every club you visit i guess!
    So just to be safe, go as far away from your local as possible! :P

    You could always fly? BA from Heathrow or Flybe from Gatwick will cost you from about £50 return. Which will probably be cheaper than the train and a million times quicker.
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