Cheapest train Worcester - Chester Feb 21st - 23rd - help !!


    There must be some cheap deals out but I can not find any !!

    Please help



    Don't think there are any at the moment. Have you considered the coach?

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    I had but my girlfriend get travel sick on the coach so would prefer the train



    I get travel sick on coaches too, but it is usally caused early on in the journey (getting out of the city) if the driver is too hard on the brakes.

    Did you see The Sun deal......BOGOF offer

    Hi, the best way to do it is to split up the tickets. I just did a search on national rail for Worcs to Chester and it came up with 28.30 one way.... this includes a change at Birmingham New Street....

    Then I searched for tickets from Worcs to New street, one way is £6.40

    Then the second part of the journey - New Street to Chester, one way is £13.00

    so £19.40 instead of 28.30 for exactly the same journey...

    always see if there is a change over on your journey then check the prices separately... I hope this makes sense, I'm tired and not sure if I explained it properly... lol

    ooo im from worcester. We make nice sauce

    Jed Maxwell;4299099

    ooo im from worcester. We make nice sauce

    i'm from Chester... we don't


    i'm from Chester... we don't

    You make good drawers though


    You make good drawers though

    Bah-dum tssh
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