cheapest UK PS3

    hi, guys im looking for the cheapest ps3, or cheapest bundle. cheapest ive seen so far is £382 at virgin with student discount.


    Virgin seems to be cheapest right now but may drop if sales are as bad as they seem! Everywhere I saw earlier had em in abundance.. Game Woolies Virgin HMV Argos.. Can't see the hype being right.

    I think the deal you got there is already the cheapest, have you tried using quidco with that or can you only use a student discount in the shops?

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    only in shops, price is not going to go down, i read and article about what sonys head said, prices will not drop dramtically may be £20-£30 look at the xbox 360 was £280 now £250 with out discounts.

    Xbox 360 was a sellout success. This is way overpriced with very few able to afford, and lesser still wanting it. Import ones been cheap for ages... didnt you have one after all?

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    i did, but didnt no virgin were offering the student discount and now when they are, mite just buy one from them and take that console to game and get it returned,

    how does the discount work what do you need?

    saw on the BBC money report earlier in the week that industry experts (whoever they are) are predicting that sony will soon have a price drop, as they want to win back the family market that they lost to nintendo

    therefore my advice is to wait
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