Cheapest Wat to Buy New Car?

    What's the cheapest way to buy a new or nearly new car? Poss want a peugeot 207cc? Thanx :thumbsup:


    Although not for a Peugeot you can get 10% discount plus at Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Saab by using their partner programme you just need to find someone who works for one of these companies...…asp

    type 'a' in the search and it brings back the full list of comps (or nearly the full list) then login to see the discounts against each car.

    Those eligible for the discount are as follows:

    Partners or spouse
    Parents and step-parents
    Brothers and sisters
    Step-brothers and step-sisters
    Children and step-children
    Grandparents and grandchildren
    Aunts and uncles
    Nieces, nephews and cousins
    Sons-in-law and daughters-in-law
    Brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law
    Mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law

    You don't need to buy online either, just mention at a Vauxhall etc dealer and they should offer the discount as well, not sure if you can negotiate a price then get 10% off or just get 10% off list price.

    With the discount it usually hits the whatcar? target price…spx

    I used to work in a bank on an industril estate with loads of car show rooms, according to some of the sales guys they had a 30% discretion for the price. So all I can suggest is haggle!!

    have a look on [url][/url] i saved £750 on the best deal i could get from a dealer :-D

    I would look for a Pre - Reg 07 plate car with zero miles, they will certainly be cheaper than a 57 plate car.

    You are still getting a year 2007 ( new ) car for a lot less money.

    Try these:


    I was given the number for Drivetime who gave an amazingly low price for the Mazda 5 I was looking for about 4 months ago. Don't know if they do Peugeots, but worth a call (01923 828628)

    try this company you save about a third on new car prices [url][/url] .

    Go haggle now cause all dealers want to hit their targets for the 57 plate change . . .

    Would also recommend looking at the What Car pages as they suggest the best price you should be able to get for a vehicle from a franchised dealer (as already mentioned above).

    Try motorpoint link.…e=0

    My choice would be the HDI as better fuel economy, cheap tax and will hold its value better.
    If you are worried about performance there are tune up boxs that up the power.
    The guy next door uses a 'tunit' box on his 207 hdi hach and is well impressed.
    Adds about 20% more power and torque.

    Anyway good luck with the hunting and think of all us with c**ppy cars!

    I havent tried this yet but this is something I heard about (may have been off the telly) and it should work for all commission based purchases (double glazing, electronics, kitchens etc)

    Car sales people get a commission for every car they get. This is a tiny portion of the value of the car. They have discretion over discounts they give. Assuming your sales person is a reasonable person you should get them to one side or maybe when on the test drive and offer to pay them £100 cash if they can give you the best possible discount they can. This back hander should be incentive enough for them to cut to the chase and give you a tasty discount.

    I dont know how much commission they get, I doubt its £100 a car but if it is maybe increase to £250 or something. If they can knock thousands off this is a worthwhile investment. Take the cash with you when go the showroom.

    Let us know how it goes! :thinking:

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone for all your responses... I'm on the case!

    try this site its great, [url][/url]
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