Cheapest Watch / Wrist Device to use with Samsung Health?

Posted 26th May 2017
Since being diagnosed with diabetes 6 weeks ago, and being obese, i've taken up gentle fitness i.e walking. I'm up to 6 miles a day and started jogging a little as well.
I carry my S8+ in my pocket so i can track my activity through Samsung Health, though when i started jogging this morning, it fell out but lucky the case took all the impact!

I'm very new to wearables, i'm taking it by wearing a device means i can leave my phone at home and they sync when i get back?

So what i would like to do is buy a 2nd hand (don't have much money) device so i can wear that instead of taking my phone. But i would like to stick with Samsung Health as the wife does her activities indoors and we compare each others data and find it a great motivation tool.

Can anyone advise of what i can expect to pay for a 2nd hand device that i can use with the S8+, and what they are?

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