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Found 13th Mar 2006
Paypal have given me a trip to hell and back so I will not be using their (poor) service anymore. The only alternative Ive had so far is accepting bank transfers but they charge a lot of money accepting payments (£7 usually). Does anyone know of a cheaper and maybe faster way of being able to accept payments from USA , CANADA and AUSTRALIA ?

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Moneybookers are VERY good and much cheaper than Paypal:-

What kind of Paypal problems are you having, maybe I could help? I have had a Paypal account for years and I help on ebays P&P board with Paypal problems.
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Many thanks for the post. Ive got a moneybookers account but decided not to use it when I found out that the sender needs to register too ... I dont think there are many people signed up to moneybookerss .... are there ?

Where do I start with paypal, there was a chargeback which ony my account, it went negative and I decided to make a new one (bad move I know!) and they caught on (now I know it was throgh IP addresses !) and limited that one too ... Ive now resolved all issues in my 3 paypal accounts but just after I sent in everything, they send me an email saying that due to "excessive risk" they want to "part ways" and will return my money in 6months !! Crazy. Im not at all a risk to anyone and I dont know what they based their silly decisions on. Anyway, my last option is to personally visit them at their HQ which is only a few miles from me. Will get all my information together before I go to try and sort everything out there and then.

If you could advise of anything before I go then Im happy to try it ... although Ive now spent so much on phone bills etc and have had such a headache that Im reluctant to do anything but visit them personally.

Thanks for your help !

Edit : KARMA given for trying to help ... why not ?
Regards to payments you could try Eddie at Auctionchex:-
He has Skype if you would like to chat with him and he is very helpful. He will be able to help one way or another. I've spoken to him many times.

Ummmmmm, I can see where they are coming from and to be honest I don't blame them. No disrespect intended. The 6 Months or 180 days is in case you have any chargebacks pending or any other issues. You will get any money owed to you.
Do you have a partner who could open a Paypal account? They would need different Bank and Credit card to you but that is the only Paypal option.
I run three P/P accounts from the one IP address but they all have different bank and card details attached.

You would be wasting your time and just get wound up if you visit them. If they let you in. Do you live in Dublin?

I hope this has helped, if not let me know.
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