Cheapest way of getting an HTC Desire?

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Found 11th Jul 2010
I am finally coming back to the UK at the start of August after spending 6 months out in Australia.... I've been using a cheap temp phone while I've been out here but I really want to get an HTC Desire. I've always been with o2 before now and never had any problems with them, so would like to stay (I downgraded my contract to a cheap 30-day roll over and left it ticking over while I was out of the UK, however that means I've now had a constant contract with them for close to 3 years and never upgraded, in case that would help me get a better deal)

I've not really got the money to shell out to pay for the phone outright and use a sim-only contract, but if it's significantly cheaper then I will. Other than that, what is the best deal when cashback/retention deals etc is taken into account?

I only need around 300 minutes & 300/400 texts to get me through the month and as much data allowance as I can get - Ideally I wouldn't like the contract to be longer than 18 months and I'm not really fussed about the network.


This is a 24m contract, but a good deal:


300mins, Unlimited Texts & E-mail, 500MB Data, Free Phone, £25 per month, but the first 15 months are half price via redemption, taking your monthly price down to £17.19 (effectively)

Unlimited data will take you up to around the £30 mark though....

If you stay with O2 you can buy the Desire for £285 and then go for a simplicity tariff ........ but you do have to pay that upfront so depends if you can stretch that far :-) !
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