Cheapest way of making phone calls

Is it skype?

Essentially I want to phone family and friends a few times a week off peak, though may need to phone uni or bank during day.

Would get a landline but thats gonna be a £125 install charge and £12 before I even make calls.

Mobiles are expensive.

So whats the best way


If you have internet access skype is great. I use it from work and home to call the states and all family either using skype at their end too or to their landline.

I have been thinking of doing this. Lots of family abroad and at Uni (mobiles...!). I have tried to look for some internet / skype phones but get bambozzled.
I would need to buy 4 I think.
Anyone recommend some good deal on phones that would be suitable for skype, do they need to be skype phones ?
Have seen some internet phones in Tesco, are they suitable?
Landline bills soaring

walkie talkies:thumbsup:


if you both have an internet connection, the cheapest way would be to chat through msn

In the majority of cases if you dont have a phone line, then you cannot use skype (which is actually one of the most expensive for VOIP to a landline etc).

You can often get mobiles with cashback and money from quidco that means you actually get paid to have the mobile and the included free minutes - but it will cost you quite a bit if you get screwed on the cashback as Mobileshop did to me.

Mobiles dont include calls to 0800 0844 0845 0870 0871 numbers though - and no overseas calls either.

Also to reply to another post - skype uses its own technolgy so generally wont work with other peoples stuff.

When me GF was a student - i set up a wireless network in her flat with and everyone shared the costs, so 4 other people could use VOIP for a share of the rental.

Do you make most of your calls from same location?

If so I would recommend an 02 online payg sim for a £10 top-up each month I get:
500 anytime for landline/02 minutes from my own postcode(actually works to about 3/4miles away!) and still keep my £10 credit then I buy the following bolt-on:
1000 minutes or texts to my 10 favourite 02 numbers per month which costs £5
and am still left with £5 credit to use as i please so for me a mobile is cheap to use!

Original Poster

Hmm I heard about the £500 minute thing but that sounds good as at the minute I just send texts and around 50 a month if not less.


Hmm I heard about the £500 minute thing but that sounds good as at the … Hmm I heard about the £500 minute thing but that sounds good as at the minute I just send texts and around 50 a month if not less.

They also do text bolt ons of £3.99 for 50 (8p per text) or £6.99 for 100 (7p per text)
sorry last post wrong its not 500 anyone minutes its 500 minute for landlines or 02 mobiles.…ffs


benefits of tesco internet phone:- 1. pay as you go 2. no line rental 3. plugs straight into router so PC does not need to be on

Skype is good to use. Using skype to dial landlines is cheaper than the equivelant landline or mobile phone costs. On the 3 network, buy a "x series" phone and it comes equipped with skype so your mobile phone becomes a point from which you can dial using the skype network - dial other skype users and its free where ever the other party is in the world. On 3 skype is free to use so no costs, you will need either a PAYG phone thats in credit though or a cheap contract (with free Nokia E65 its £18 a month for 300 mins/texts plus 300 mins other 3 users)
so to re-cap, you can use skype on your mobile for free to dial other skype users. for instance, I have a friend in OZ that has skype and I spend several hours a week calling for free from my mobile and they can call me anytime where ever I am. You can use skype for free but pay credit to skype to dial fixed landlines or other mobiles so that you can get much cheaper calls (all from your mobile phone) so while using skype you are not using any of your minutes/texts. They also come with free MSN messenger, texting on that to other MSN users is also completely free.



The charges:w00t:…htm



The … The charges:w00t:

LOL - £5 for the first minute!

Landline was with Telewest, now Virgin. Don't have TV or any other package, don' t want it. Got extra package that was supposed to save me money but it is not working.
Have got a couple of Virgin mobiles on their £10 per month package whic is fine for us.
Appreciate all your help guys but seems all very complicated...Utter dinosaur. Don't really want to use mikes or headphones. I never do chat type rooms.
Harlitzer, it looks too good to be true. Can I use it to phone other mobiles at that price ? (2 in Uni, no other way of talking except mobile to mobiles)
The Tesco internet phone system looks promising. Do you have any more info?


£30 for the phone although they seem to be only £15 delivered on ebay

vodefone friends and familly £5 month unlimited calls 24/7 to 3 other vodefone numbers , you can call them or they you or each other also £7 month to call 5 other numbers if you've all got vodefone its great

Was aware fot he Vodaphone deal, they want to stick with thier providers, Orange and Virgin. Have bough some skype phones via Tesco. All set up but having problems getting to to work properly..........!
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