Cheapest way of phoning and texting home from America?

    Hello peeps.

    Is there a cheap(ish) way to use your mobile in the States? Or are you better off buying a phonecard out there?

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.


    Better off buying a phonecard. Come in lots of varying amounts and you seem to get loads and loads of minutes for not very much money at all. :thumbsup:

    Reverse the call. :-D

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    Thanks for the tips.

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    Reverse the call. :-D

    Nice touch :whistling:

    My girlfriend is in Europe at the moment, Venice and we speak on skype, her on iPod touch n me on iPhone, just uses my iPhone headphones. If u have a touch or something would be good to do that, all free calls....

    My bro usually calls me from there using ]Fring

    I went to America in April, and took a pay as you go sim. I lost it so used my contract to send a few texts, got home and they had been free! But defiantely use a phone card to call home

    Hope you have a nice time

    was in florida 2 yrs ago and bought a $5 phone card from a supermarket,im sure i got about 150 mins from it

    I bought a cheap pay as you go cell from radio shack while I travelled the states. Probably wasn't the cheapest (25c a minute incoming and out going) but cheaper than using your own and almost disposable. I'd probably do the same next time I go - but maybe use skype more if I have my laptop and web connection with me if you don't have to be truly mobile while making calls.

    You don't say how long you're out there for... But if it's a while, and you plan to call home a lot, you might want to consider a AT&T pay as you go SIM. I've just been out there for six weeks and it was invaluable - I always hate having to go hunting for a payphone, especially when I had to call home at a particular time due to the time difference, so I wanted to be able to use my mobile phone.

    It was $25 for the SIM from an AT&T shop in the US, but you can buy them from eBay much cheaper before you go, I was just disorganised. It was 59c a minute to call home (c.40p, compared to £1.50 on my UK SIM), 10c a minute to receive calls (it cost my friend 10p a minute to call me from his O2 phone in the UK) and 20c to send/receive texts.

    Definitely not the cheapest of the options that people have suggested, but it can be decent value and convenient if you're out there for a significant amount of time.

    Have fun (and take me in your suitcase please...!)
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