Cheapest way / provider to redirect calls to my business to my mobile

    I run a business where people call me all the time sometimes from abroad. When I am out of the house I redirect my BT house phone to my orange mobile but I am being charged a small fortune for this service.

    As I understand it the caller pays for the call to my house and I pay for the call from my house to my mobile but I am not sure of that.

    Any advice on how to cut my call redirection costs?





    look into getting a small telephone (you can then forward calls to your premicel unit) system then get yourself a Premicel unit then find a mobile sim card that does the best rates to put into your premicel (alot of companys do this)

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    thanks chuf
    Would somene explain this to me in simple terms, I'm having a thick day.

    I have a 07005 number which I can divert to any phone for free. Try looking here fore some options
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