Posted 16th Mar 2023 (Posted 10 h, 42 m ago)
Hi everyone
What's the cheapest way to access very me rewards?
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    Either PAYG with a top up of at least £10 every 6 weeks, or a Vodafone Basics contract for £7 A month.
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    Did they change it? I thought it was £10 minimum every 6 weeks?

    Would be good if you can get it on the £7 contract, do you have a link for that contract?…rds
    Who can get VeryMe Rewards?

    To enjoy VeryMe Rewards, you’ll need to be either:

    • A Pay monthly customer
    • A Pay as you go customer who tops up at least £10 every six weeks
    • A Vodafone Business customer with one to nine employees
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    Or depending on what code you want off very me. Requesting one in the discussion area of HotUKDeals is the cheapest. (edited)
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    A redemption/cashback SIMO deal
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    That’s actually not a bad idea

    Have done redemptions in the past where I’ve ended up with a free contract after said redemptions and cashback and selling the phone (if it came with one?)

    are redemption contracts still a thing?? (edited)
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