Posted 5th Jan 2023
My grandson has asked if there are any "tricks, ways" to enable you to buy cash for his GTA game on the Xbox rather than paying the full price it would be in the UK.

I have tried to have a look around myself but I don't know if I need to have the VPN running to access such sites.
I know I will probably have to have it turned on when redeeming.
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    Why buy? Just do missions - easy to earn cash!
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    There's regular money glitches in the game keep checking YouTube. I would advise against it though. I did a glitch which allowed unlimited money and I never played it afterwards because I bought everything and it became boring (edited)
    I haven't played for along time but when they added new apartments in 2021, you could sell them at a profit and Rockstar went and reset loads of accounts.

    However I'm in agreement, don't buy shark cards. Do the missions, run the businesses. Save up for specific things like the oppressor mkII that help you make money faster.
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    do u have amazon prime? you can link to the GTA account that and get 500k a month.
    Yes I do how do we do that please.
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    CDKeys sell the shark cards at a slight discount. As long as you buy for the correct region of Europe or UK you can buy and redeem without worrying about VPNs or anything like that. Alternatively just wait for the promotions on GTA Itself. They regularly give offers to buy discounted cards directly, or bonuses where you buy one card and get extra cash free on top for example.

    In all honesty thought it's a bit of a waste of money and I personally wouldn't really buy them. Especially nowadays it's fairly easy to put in a bit of time and effort in the game to earn virtual currency without wasting physical money on it.
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    Just earn the in-game money by playing the missions
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    Anonymous User
    No idea if it's for GTA online or just playing GTA. But there's money on prime gaming iirc
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