Cheapest way to call a mobile in Australia?

Have been calling my daughter from my landline to a mobile lately as they have moved and dont have a landline, just got the phone bill and nearly keeled over!!!, its a shame they dont have a landline yet, as im with the Post Office and i get free weekend calls to Aussie landlines, can anyone suggest one of the companies you use to dial a number first etc like the one i will post in the first reply? or another alternative, cheers (she has limited pc access so skype is out of the question)


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We use

Will have a look, cheers, rep added:thumbsup:

I use…tml over the pc, great quality and you pay a small amount every 3 months, think its about 7 euros and you can call as many times as you want for free within those 3 months, edit they have changed the terms its around 300 mins a week.
Landlines and mobiles, we use it for america mobiles.…tml

Just noticed you have limited pc access, sorry about that . Hopefully someone else might find this usefull, will leave it up.
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