Cheapest way to call landline, UK to Ireland

Found 22nd Aug 2017
Asking on behalf of my mum, who calls family in Ireland who don't have broadband or any of that new fandangled technology malarkey
Looking for the cheapest options for calling a landline where the recipient only has a landline.
My mum has broadband & mobile so can use apps but it's the other end that is technology restricted.
Have seen deals through Virgin (her phone provider) and Skype but wondered if anyone else had found any other options?
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Simplest thing to do will likely be to get a FREE Delight Mobile SIM card and stick it into a spare phone.

1p/min to call a landline in Ireland, 4p to call a mobile phone.

Just remember that their customer service is pretty bad, so don't port her number to them or top-up huge amounts, in case the SIM card stops working after a while. Also take notice that credit added to a SIM card expires after just 90days.
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look at 18185 i use it for landline calls which are 1.5 pence per min click here just depends on how often and how long the phone calls take.
calling cards are the cheapest options generally for calling international numbers.
Try Localphone you will pay 0.6p plus local call charge which can be your inclusive minutes or BT etc which may give you free local calls.…and
Thanks guys, will have a look through your suggestions
Another vote for 18185.
She ended up going with Skype's £2.40pm unlimited landline calls to Ireland. Probably just as well knowing how much they can talk
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